Our Mission

When we first started Shanah Equestrian, the goal was to democratize art, bring the beautiful to the accessible, help raise funds and awareness for deserving charities and do it all in an eco-friendly manner. It has now turned into so much more, with a mission and a message much bigger than us.

We constantly strive for innovation, and to use our resources as a force for good. With this, we hope to inspire consumers and other businesses to make more socially and environmentally conscious choices. Some examples of how we create a social and environmental impact: 

Environmental Impact

- Our line of sunshirts are made of 100% recycled materials and sourced from recycled plastic bottles

- All our shipments are carbon neutral - we calculate the cost to offset our carbon footprint and use the funds to contribute to forest conservation projects

- All ink used on the products are water-based for a lower environmental impact

- All marketing and packaging materials are recycled or biodegradable

- All fabrics and ink used are vegan

Social Impact

For every item sold, we donate a portion of the profits to charities in the equestrian industry that: provide shelter to local abused and neglected horses, provide education, veterinary assistance and resources to working horses and the people who depend on them, and provide assistance to those suffering from mental health in the equine industry. 

We also have chosen to do business with local suppliers to support our local economy. All products are designed and produced locally to our headquarters in Québec, Canada.

About The Charities

Stable-Mind CIC

Stable-mind CIC is a non-profit organisation consisting of a team of dedicated, professional and highly qualified psychotherapists and counselors focused on supporting those with mental health struggles within the equestrian community.

Refuge Galahad

Le Refuge de Galahad is a non profit organization with the mission to promote good welfare practices in the equine industry and provide a home to animals that would otherwise face a more tragic fate. They strive to educate the public about welfare issues within the industry and protect farm animals as well as their rights.

Brooke USA

Brooke USA's mission is to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and the Caribbean by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the aeas of greatest need. 

Meet the Team

Co-Founder | development & operations
Alexia Mercier-Lafond

Alexia fell in love with horses as a child and has never looked back. She has a real passion for the animal itself and from a very young age, started spending her entire days helping out at the barn; mucking stalls, riding the "difficult" horses, grooming for her trainers. That later led to working student jobs, to riding jobs, to riding for Olympians and grooming at some of the greatest events in the world. Through these experiences, she got to compete and travel around North America and Europe, learn all the ins and outs of the industry and meet some incredible and passionate people from all kinds of different cultures. These experiences are definitely what gave her the attention to detail, discipline and perseverance it takes to run a business. Alexia now keeps pursuing her riding ambitions, taking her own horses and riders in training while managing all the daily operations for Shanah Equestrian.

co-founder | artist
Emmanuelle Bressan

Granddaughter of a professional Italian rider and daughter of a musician father and a painter mother, Emmanuelle inherited the unconditional love of horses, art and aesthetics. Now an outstanding dressage trainer, Emmanuelle knows how to get the best out of each horse and rider she trains and competes. She is also the very talented artist behind all the artwork featured on our products. Her approach to the art is poetic, drawing its essence from the dream, the hope and the determination of the rider, but especially from the splendor and scale of the animal. Every day, she continues to devote herself to rallying her two passions and accomplishing both her riding and art dreams. 

co-founder | finance & admin
France Mercier

France is the finance and administration expert in the team. She is a huge asset to us with her many years of experience in project and business management and is a bit of the "mentor" of the team. What excites her about this project is the idea of bringing a voice and visibility to artists, to help social organizations and to stay in the creative economy. Needless to say, we're pretty lucky to have her on board with us!

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